Adults and Employers



As an adult with dyspraxia, you would have found some effective strategies to help in areas you may have found difficult, because of your dyspraxia. We would love to hear your success stories and strategies that have helped you. If we can help with any issues, please contact us .


Adults with dyspraxia can be a huge asset to your business. Often they have developed effective strategies to turn their dyspraxia into a positive. People with dyspraxia are often creative thinkers and the innovators.

What can you do to help your employee?

  • Break tasks down into more manageable parts
  • Encourage time management skills using timetables, diaries or apps.
  • Provide a structured work environment with predictable routines where possible.
  • Ask your employee what will help then and work as a team.

If you require any help or advice, please contact us.