This parent-initiated, voluntary support group was formed in June 1992.

Over the past 30 years we have evolved into an organisation that provides support and information to anyone affected by dyspraxia/DCD.

Dyspraxia Support Group of New Zealand

This parent-initiated, voluntary support group was started for all who care for children with Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD and was formed in June 1992. We are unique in Aotearoa/New Zealand in the help, support and information we provide.

Our membership includes families, caregivers, and professionals from both New Zealand and across the world.

We aim to help everyone with Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD to learn, to achieve their potential and ultimately to lead a happy, satisfying life by:

  • Supporting each other, sharing concerns and solutions with other parents, caregivers and professionals with similar challenges.

  • Informing ourselves and sharing information, thus increasing our own understanding of dyspraxia/DCD.

  • Building and using a store of resources and information.

  • Publishing a newsletter, ‘Connections’, once a term.

  • Increasing general awareness and understanding of dyspraxia/DCD

We have active groups on Facebook and run webinars and information seminars online.

In the Canterbury area we run groups for tamariki and rangatahi from age 5 to 18 years as well as a social group for adults.

For future information please contact

03 358 3249

[email protected]


  • What is Dyspraxia

  • Dyspraxia for Kids

  • Dyspraxia and Teaching

  • Fungroups

  • References

  • Adults and Employers


Phone: 03 358 3249

Email: [email protected]

The Dyspraxia Support Group of N.Z. (Inc.)

P.O.Box 20292, Bishopdale,
Christchurch, New Zealand


The views and opinions on this site are those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of Dyspraxia Support Group of NZ Inc unless specified otherwise. The material provided is for information only and not to be used for diagnosis or treatment purposes. It is also not a substitute for professional care in the diagnosis and treatment of Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD.

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