Dyspraxia for Kids

What is Dyspraxia?

The human brain is made up of lots of connections that are like power lines. These also connect with your body.

When you have Dyspraxia some of these connections are not working properly.

This means your body can find it difficult to do what your brain tells it to.

In order to make your body do what your brain is telling it to, you may have to practice doing things a lot.

This is why you may find it difficult to:

  • learn new things
  • concentrate
  • handwriting
  • speak clearly
  • speak your ideas
  • get dressed
  • think fast
  • play sports
  • organise ideas

Having Dyspraxia does not mean that you are not intelligent.  A lot of people who have Dyspraxia are very intelligent. It just means it may take you longer to learn how to do things and to remember how to do things you have already learned.


Interesting Facts About Dyspraxia

  • It affects everybody with Dyspraxia in different ways.
  • It affects more boys than girls.
  • Dyspraxia can occur through no obvious cause and can affect anybody.
  • You do not grow out of Dyspraxia if you have it as a child you will have it throughout your life.
  • Dyspraxia is a hidden disability.  This means that you look like everybody else however you may find it harder to do things than other people can.
  • Having Dyspraxia isn’t a bad thing. People with Dyspraxia are just like everyone else, good at lots of things.
  • Lots of people think having Dyspraxia is a great diagnosis. They see the world a bit differently and have great talents and strengths.